Quality and quantity are products of passion.

The quality of a quantity is the drives that influence one to do something. We look at different things in life in accordance to time. The validity of something and its measure of value is different from season to season and for specific reasons.

Imagine a poor farmer frying an egg to poison some rats. They have really messed the granary and made her face a big loss in the small harvest she made last summer. Rarely does she take eggs to enlarge her small number of poultry; but her passion this time is to hit hard on the rodents yelling all kind of curses. Soon she learns that a few chicks hatched the other day have been killed by the same monster rats. She imagines smashing two eggs into a pan and contemplates a big loss but what else can she use to bait or attract these fiends?

Two days later she has to hold her nose tight to the smelling hell of dead rats. She searched round the house and turning a few barrows, she is greeted by cackling innocent voices of young chicks. Around five missing mother hens have brooded and are busy awaiting the last chick to come out of the shell so that they can be tour them around and teach them the survival of chickens.

She does not know how to react.  Quickly she runs out and looks at her little poultry house and reaches out to a basin. She showers calculating how she will break the news to her husband in Nairobi. Her mind is focused to the market and she has to walk the distance in the far with thoughts as her quickest means. …..Hallow to the wind and smiles to the shadows, she finds the door to her Sacco. “Come in Madam. What excites you…Come in and share “, the manager says. ‘’What excites you? Come in and share” confused whether to go in or not, she sits down at the manager’s desk. Quickly she narrates her story to the manager who reads her words silently. The story she tells is really good news to the manager. “Are you a member of the Sacco? He asks.

“Yes I am” she responds.

“Good. We are sending you right away with our ‘Mradi’ team to assess your farm. Hopefully they will empower you on a lot of farm practice and if they find potential in you, we are here to provide a grant to assist you in your farm as early as tomorrow.

The truth is that she understood nothing but she took her guests home. They quickly did her some calculations, drew some sketches and walked back to their office.  They were very unfair for they said nothing to the woman. Truly for three days she got confused until she forgot to tell her husband about the increase in their poultry. After the three days she met her surprise. People from the Sacco came driving a track home to her with construction materials. They had cleaned up the homestead, cleared the bushes, fenced round it, built a pig style, a cow shed and a poultry house worthy holding 300 birds. On the fourth day is when she broke the news. The husband reacted furiously but he was soon to smile. Before the distancing of time she was favored with gifts of two dairy calves of one year old each, a pregnant pig and a homestead dog. The Saco members trained her on how to improve the breed of her chicken and finally the poultry was well housed. It happened like a dream. He work was just to rare the animals and provide the first two offspring’s from the cows and pig to other beneficiaries of Mradi . She is now a leading farmer of poultry and pigs because the cows have not done very well. Her husband joined her farming and they are very happy with changed lives.

Impetus is that which drives you. The motive of everything will determine the outcome or the end result. The discipline input in all dealings matters a lot too. How much you want to do something you must begin somewhere. Truly what one fears to do is the best to do at the moment. Fear brings in failure but when someone has a set goal to achieve anyway will take the person towards it. It does not matter what happens on the way in as long as you count the cost and gain the discipline to take you where you want to be. Quality and quantity are products of passion. Impetus is what drives you for a way can lead into another way but a drive is a matter of integrity. Have an ‘IMPETUS’; WHAT DRIVES.









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