On top of every hill there is some cool breeze. On the leeward side some moisture will deposit. On the windward side rains will be forming. Oh that clouds are gathering, birds flying their way to their nests, all visible creatures seeking some shelters; leaving the trees alone in the dance field to welcome the showers. We the visited come only to see the steps of the leaving visitor, and only the prepared will embrace her falling gifts.

I have learnt that after every hill lies plains but very deep valleys. We always go through the valley but never camp in it, and if we do it is just but for a little while because rains will cause floods to our wash. We need elevation to watch for good and for bad. Solomon advised that wisdom is good and a lot of it is dangerous. Then the life of a wise man is that on the hills. Sometimes we rise and others we fall.

Defining life is not wisdom enough. No one can amend a day or rather live his will. If it is raining we become wet, if it is hot we scorch and burn, if windy we cover our eyes and if cold we search for warmth. Whatever is named as definition for life is subconsciously a comfort on emotions and fears about life; the medicine that heals the wise but the otherwise drawn in their shallow knowledge for lack of perception that life is a balance of time and not theories. The valleys in our hearts are deeply filled with many things.  How do we comfort ourselves with things other said or ancient sayings, yet what will be said that we said? I mean what do we learn with our lives since living is individual? Some of us are happy and others are gloomy.

If we have hilly hearts then we attract adventurers to tour our heights. People will climb them up and burden us. They will press the sharp spikes on their shoes and hurt us as they go up. When they come down they come crushing and hanging on our veins and arteries. Directly this is a heart attack. We are not capable of holding all our troubles. The same we cannot be able to handle all their troubles.

Behold our lives are precious. It is good to have a map to your heart, to hide in God and seek His guidance. This way you have safety in case you are away. He will hold you and bring you back when lost; protecting and upholding you. Remember though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, thou shall fear no evil. REMEMBER: Walking through and not camping in the valley. Knowing your destiny is reaching to it. Whether you swim, run or fly; mission is the master. God is for us all and always ahead.

Life is a gift of time. Climb your hill and chose where you belong.  Stop camping in the valley waiting for sympathizers to comfort you with philosophies. Life is not what they define, but what you work it out. Fail and learn out of it. Tomorrow you have a say and you will also be quoted. No one sees for the other.

God bless….

                                                                                                                                                    The Q’RAQ