Feuding in life is a decision on the minds of those who better no better; Bitter biters of tongue and swallowers of saliva. Bitter roots when chewed; the taste will last a decade.

These people who are so grudging quarrel the suns scorch and they woke up late. They blame the wind but stay on its way. They blame pain and intentionally cut their skin. They ignore chances and want to be part of the dance. It is good to love yourself but not so much. Some blame people for mud and they fell skidding in it for fun. Blame on their grip; growth is a must and maturity is a choice. Some will ask for fermented milk and curse complaining it went sour…..

People who evade the race of time. They fail to make hay while the sun shine. Being at the right place in the right time, doing the right thing and manner. Those who fail on this virtues want to be everything but not something. They want everything but nothing in specific. They change colors like chameleons.

They are rich and wealthy of enemies with accounts full of grudges. Their faces are ugly with wrinkles while hearts burn with gait. They only belch curses. Not that they are full. Their bellies are enlarged to swallow any one. Write your worries on dust and success on rocks. You will be beautiful, handsome and successful.

God bless.

The Q’RAQ.