No longer democratic.

Drums are beating all over.  Many tones but no proper tune or beat. No dance is a good choice for any of the rhythms. No, not for Kenyan politics neither for the said ‘democracy’. No truth no truce neither reality. The objective of a drum player is the sweetness of his tunes that brings dancers to the floor. Everyone dives in with their arts; and the dance floor is full of vigor and joy. Everyone feels the fulfilment of the heart and a musician will unite their moves with a song. But for Kenyan politics is a mixture of bizarre. The said democracy a sheered of activities say monkeys jabber and democracy is reduced to ‘demo crazy’.

The guerilla drums their chest in a sign of supremacy and fierceness a psychological trick to lead the team. The fear and intimidation is the way of democracy for the wild but for Kenya divisions and ignorance are the weapons that drives fear and intimidation to prey on voters for votes all in the name of democracy but its people are not democratic but demo crazy.

This state has major problems. The viral spread is through the media and falsified rallies. With the media playing partisan to politics then the ignorant society has no one to interpret the neither law, rights, forms, culture, stands, reforms, expressions, race or religion. The gate keeping role is widely and far long lost. All medias are busy measuring might in who said what, when, where. Every reporting has no one to explain why or how something happened or either the course, the cause, the cost of a person speech. All Medias are running away from the investigative role and cost of news. They want cheap news. The politicians have taken advantage of them making them slaves of what they say. Every venom they spit is directly or indirectly fed to the elite and the ignorant consumers. It is up to them to choose what heat they will manage; the frying pan or the fire. Their excuse is lack of staffing. They have no consistency and every scandal or occurrence is dumped for another. This is how the politicians through the media are feeding us with racism, violence, fear and poverty in the name of freedom and democracy. They want to be timely but everything is news just to remain famous.

The media is biased as when they get busy portraying politicians as rich and wealthy since most of them are in the same class. They will leave media houses for politics but not for any change but trade. Some journalists are owners and shareholders in the industry. They are earning good ‘big’ salaries and some are holders of rewarding business. The media houses still are a zone for racists employing people largely from one community. Yet the media wants to publish and brand some public offices racial just because a certain community is advantaged in the number of employs. My problem is the said democracy. The politicians misuse the media so that they are not accountable to the public. As media strives for income journalists are trading their integrity for fame while politicians are cunningly hiding in shenanigans to attract journalists and fool the society.

All in the name of democracy. A democracy for the media and the politicians and poverty and ignorance for their followers. They divide the country and share it in portions and Kenya as a body; they are either the left hand or the right but the public are the legs which are crippled and can’t walk. The body of our country is preyed on by parasites in the form of curtails both internally and externally as politicians and journalists play their norm. The eye of the country has given in to the tricks of the hands and no longer sees danger but busy gambling between the actions of the right hand and the left. The church, the civil society, the police, the NGOS, The Muslim Society, The religious bodies are all glued to the news and politicians taking sides and singing the same song, Democracy; but demo crazy it is. They as the eye lead the mouth to speak when it is too late. Even when the hands push poison through the mouth they are just watching.

KENYA is unhealthy with corruption, disease, poverty and ignorance, spread about by politicians through the media. Politics the right hand gives the left hand media poison to feed the mouth to avoid blame. The media on another gives weapons to their counterparts the politicians to whip the body Kenya. The eye watches and cries later when the damage is already done. A man eat man society is our country Kenya in the name of democracy.

Politicians are lying they will change the cost of living in 90 days and the journalists are busy spreading the lie  without holding them accountable to explain  how since it is not realistic. The demonstrations on the streets are called on for but it is the journalists leading them on their Medias. No one knows their rights and their limits. People are injured as they ignorantly demand for democratic rights in a demo crazy way stealing and vandalizing in the defense of both media and politicians. Harm is done to people and their property and the only harm is that is harm; is when a police man hurts or injures a law breaker as if they are called to be spectators not to maintain law and order. This is demo crazy not democracy.

A preacher on a pulpit preaches news and not the gospel. A Muslim leader calls on Muslim to support a certain politician. Civil society supports the ills of opposition parties and criticizes all good and bad of the government then where do we belong if not a rotten society?

Can a journalist who is a parent give condoms to a child girl or boy to carry to school? If answer is no then why make informative news of the schools providing the same in sexual education instead of asking the questionable questions? Just to sell news……. Who will do the society oversight role of ensuring good morals? Who will criticize wrong decisions? Of cause not our Kenyan journalism which is busy looking for materials to give as news and no item makes prominence. No lead has a flow or following. And all stories are dropped before conclusion.  Even the programmes content are sensual and borrowed and our culture is eroded. This is why we borrow mass actions from other societies and say we are democratic. We do not count the cost of either our actions or democracy we purport. We are busy making news, selling news, consuming news, earning political prominence and eroding our morals destroying our good nation.

The country has two bad leaders; the journalists and the politicians. We are losing the nation to people’s emotions, perceptions and attitudes. We are no longer cautious or conscious of our dealings. The society in the womb of Kenya are poisoned through the mouth. When they are born they will not mature. It is true growing old is a must and maturity is a choice; but will a child learn to walk and all mature people are lame? Will they know what it means to stand yet all people are crawling?  Will they even grow upright with corruption? Will they be healthy in the poor society where survival is for the fittest with every manner of grubbing’s even the little milk for the infant?

A mind game is played by politicians, an emotional game by the religious organizations. The civil groups play psychological games, and the media is the vice to the society. As people destroy and fight the independent constitutional bodies, the media supports with the coverage and the society joins suit. Before the society is eroded, the media was long eroded. The media lost its independence so long ago. This is why everything is just news and the nation is falling apart. Because the media does not want to accept; that the political citizens have turned them to puppets. This is why they act in the middle with their lost independence to bring down the independence of other constitutional bodies, in the name of ‘democracy.’ We only have one Kenya and we better lack information than destroy it in the name of news. It has been for the journalist to give raw information and for elite and ignorant society to sift, digest and whether wrong or right no clarity is given but another headline on the ignorant interpretation by the society. Oh the said democracy….. The Swahili saying ‘ghanda la muwa la jana, chungu kaona mavuno’. The sovereignty of the people is lost…in the lie of democracy. But the true democracy is never expounded. The society is brain washed. It has no trust or respect for the neighbor but for politicians and the media. It is a rush for fame, money, space, and selfish leadership. Unless it bleeds, it doesn’t sell. It is social media for the untrained journalists and the same a gold for the trained journalist in their Medias. The trained ignorantly feed and disseminate from armatures news competitively and excusably.

The nation is bleeding but not selling. It is stinking through riots and strikes. The smell of bleeding health and nurses on strike, lecturers on strike, the insults of the politicians, insecurity and ignorance. Worst of all the stinking streets with riots where goons and hooligans destroy property and life, and the police who acts against are bedeviled all in the name of democracy. What remains of Kenya is a corrupt society with corrupt approaches to everything siting democracy. The media will buy news and blow on their sources. Police will never protect its witnesses and for politicians it is their time to shine and eat. As at this time the politicians are measuring powers with their incitements and arrogance on T.V interviews and press conferences. The media is busy defining who is stronger and the society is drowning in the said democracy and those without second thoughts have gone crazy destroying their habitats to wait for dream homes in the mouth of lying politicians as even vernacular stations advice.

To save the dying economy it will be more pain on taxation and the said living standards will improve to surviving standards only the fit will make it. DEMOCRRACY is now DEMOCRAZY. No one riots to support good health or education but for those who destroy the revenue on politics, they are our gods to adore.

Who riots for good health or is it just for nurses. Who riots on behalf of police for proper living standards? Who riots for children whose voices are low and their rights in schools, on roads and the society are misused or not served? Who riots for proper sanitation? Who riots for the rights of old people? Who riots for cleaning services yet we pay taxes to the county? Who riots for the rights of persons with disabilities? Who riots for provision of sanitary towels for our girls? Yet we have time to make fun on our women self-esteems as if they have no rights. The social media makes fun even for what is serious. The mainstream media find its news and without investigation neither gatekeeping find a source on news and encourages the rot. The same route politicians have followed to poison the youth and TVs and Radio stations are busy quoting their rote. All this they call democracy. Is there democracy without love, respect, education, information, restraint, patriotism, conservation, morals and?

For Kenya democracy is fun, even with death, others peoples pain, misfortunes, shame, deceit, security, health; every twist favors the artist but never cares the angle and recipient. The mainstream media has lost control, social media taken over and the media has misused its independence compromising its integrity and democracy leading to a weak media that has no difference in saying No or YES.  Apart from politics every compromised media is a bag of all sorts.

To enjoy democracy the media must take charge, educating, informing and entertaining. Let’s control and take charge of our roles. Remind people of Godliness from all religious books. Politics is seasonal and undemocratically it destroys our unity through media ignorance and loopholes. Must you give cover and air to every matter say political? Remember gate keeping, remember Kenya is one.

If we allow ourselves democracy, God will give us leaders. If we are demo crazy, we will demolish our foundations, demonize all good and applaud the wrong. We will demonstrate our weaknesses and the corrupt will prey on us. We will lose our integrity in greed and our rights to guilt and shame. MEDIA, CHURCH, ISLAM and other religious bodies give directions. You are Kenyans stop acting like guests. Kenya might be burnt by others but you gave the matchbox or fanned the flames. ’If a man digs a pit, he will fall into it; if man rolls a stone, it will roll back on him. A lying tongue hates those it hurts, and a flattering mouth works ruin.’’

‘’If a King Judges the poor with fairness, his throne will always be secure.’’…..Democracy.



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