Fools tire, and retire annually.

It is the begin of all missions to fulfill a dream that counting the cost is required. ‘Happy are they who dream dreams and are ready to pay the cost to achieve them. ‘This was said by the late Geoffrey William Griffin founder director Starehe Boys’ Centre and school.  As porridge is made of flour then mine saying is that the cost of success is the input of discipline enhanced at the beginning of the process.  The final result is determined by how good one counted the cost in terms of potential time, resources, skills, gains and losses.

To attain a goal one must note the various challenges and failures that may occur. Nothing remains as a standard or constant or exact in the intended shapes. If one exceeds the equation of water to maize flour then ‘Ugali ‘cannot be obtained. One requires a quick acceptance that even though the intended meal did not approve …..Then there’s still a meal and you do not need to go hungry. Consideration of environment and people and how they both affect your dream is also inevitable.  So many things are reasons and enemies of success but the biggest of all is our own selves and personalities and this is the why we should count the cost.

We are never friends of time. Time runs faster than our desires and discipline must be practiced.  We cannot also escape nature in us with emotion s and moods and overriding conflicts of human interest. It is not easy at all to count the cost and this is why we are bourne victims of procrastinations.  Just like marriage decisions are necessary. We are always without experience when we dream but management of self must control the mission to generate goals to achieve the vision in the mission.

How do I travel to Mombasa ……? I need to book and board a bus at a certain time in the day and therefore I must be ready be thence. I need to be ready for the weather there which is hot and humid. I must prepare myself ready for tough vocabulary and contrast of accent. This is not a big challenge but time must run at the conscious mind that I must be consistent with my plans to achieve  my intended plans for the journey if for business, tour, leisure…………..

We must understand that in every race there are challenges but the biggest of all is the  consistent barriers. It requires discipline which must be well practiced to reach the end and keep a record. The challenges that interfere with practice, ethics and all moral procedures are known as consistent barriers; the CBRS of life. What lacks in life is the strength of repeating a certain discipline until it becomes part of us. Therefore this is the reason why we need to count the cost when we put down to do something in our lives. We need to repeatedly do something until it becomes a consistent procedure in life. This consistency is what a discipline of life or of doing something becomes. Discipline translates, when mature, to become a character and the character a personality. This involves much of sacrifice of things we love and like along our lives. It may involve research, learning, failing to learn but keeping the moment to the sett goal in a vision. We always to strategically plan for both winning and losing as not all will come glittering and shining.

When counting the cost hope can be lost for rest and or second thought. It is part of counting the cost as we need at times to let go of something but never should we release its value. Counting the cost involves every kind of life be it leadership, army, security, feeding, sleeping, resting, communication even as weird   as visiting the washrooms. It is the essential for keeping the value and integrity of a person, quality and purpose in a given walk of life where vision is to come real. The last picture always in the conscious mind then the discipline of keeping focused is what is called counting g the cost. Everything that is affected by change should be implemented by counting the cost. Whether objective or subjective; direct or indirectly affecting we or other person then counting the cost is paramount.  Where change is expected the cost should be accepted for no one can avoid change whether natural, sequential, induced change or self initiated.

A student will count the cost of attaining the best grades by burning the midnight lamp, keeping school discipline and rules and maintaining the integrity as a student. An employer will count the cost for every word spoken, promised, conditions of staff and the welfare of all members in line with the targeted goals of the institution. An employ has to comply with time and hard work for harmony at work place. Both have to count the cost of a ground for dialogue to avoid differences. Unlike a soldier has to count the cost of obeying and keeping orders. Objected to this the camp is another hell for them and death in their duties. If planning a family or you have one then keeping love and your accountability as a responsibility to one another both man and wife will enrich you with value and a great bond and trust. Obstacles arise but a well counted cost at the beginning will keep the family.

A vision must begin by counting the cost to know the possible challenges that affect the consistency of establishing g the dream. When challenges are well evaluated and solutions invented towards avoiding or overcoming the hindrances that derail consistency or flow of procedures then cost is counted. Counting the cost is accepting both loss and gain however smooth or rough the journey is towards a goal by taking charge of all arising conflicts that obstruct focus. Dreaming is easy but accomplishing is not easy. Count the cost of everything meaning; if you can’t swallow do not chew, if you fear the bite avoid a snake as there is no need later for charming it with venom in your body. Never quit, just submit and plan. Never resign in a rush, plan how you can deal with the situation at hand or the next encounter. Counting the cost is sharpening the axe; it saves time when cutting down a tree and retains energy. It is when we avoid pushing g down a wall as we may be bitten by some snake. When we do not dig a pit; we may fall in it. It is understanding How we will make it.



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