Never play with the skunk tail…..

Why do we whisk whips, yell curses, spit on people’s faces? We call names yet we cannot prohibit or correct, brand people titles; yet we are unable to solve their problems. Why always tell me your problem is one, yet I give ear to learn it; and then you read a list. Why again blame a dog for a cats bite and a dogs bite to a cat. It is because we in correctable, and thus the reason why we cannot correct others.

It is only correction if one can explain an experience, hate the action but not the person. I wonder why we correct our children like dogs with kicks, our sons with canes like cows or beasts of burdens. Yet we charm snakes to hear the tune of flutes, tame dogs that we speak to like babies. What is wrong with a man and why give up training to a son but spend nights sleeping with elephant calves to offer companionships yet our wives sleep far on another rooms bed. Are we fair when we react and never act? Do we mean that others are not to error but humanity should only apply on us?

I hate justifications. But why should I say sorry and explain why. Why say thank you and you ask me for what? Can you really say excuse me or please to some other people’s business. Do you fly proudly with this arrogance? Can you really tolerate a kid for peeing in their pants? I just hate accusers. They accuse the tongue yet they are being questioned why they have bitten a dog. Because their action is far complicated.

My argument is that we are always wrong. You open a door and close because it swings both ways. Whether a father or mother, teacher or tutor, whatever you do be wise to show the value of your evaluations for our thinking is not same. Many people can apologize but maybe it lands on rocks or they were attacked but not alerted. If you jump a fence in fright like I did once and you fall on a sleeping dog. Do you think it bites or runs? Just wish you see how far it runs to watch from what devil lands from nowhere onto its tail or back.

Many people we can correct but the approach we wear or speak makes their minds and hearts run away from us or the correction. When we make them feel so harmful. Sorry if you meet a proud man loaded with curses…. I tell you it is like playing with a skunks tail. You will wonder what they eat. You cannot step on the elephants shit until it cools. You will burn your foot. Wisdom heals.

We correct by advising an alternative. Not when we really show that the ones we are correcting are really out of shape like a mattocks head. Explain the error or wrong and help the person with know how one can change their steps. Sometime we beg boys to come down slowly from the top they climbed. We sometimes help them down and it is this love that brings maturity to the mind of your son. If one is not a teacher then they are good trainers. If you cannot correct by words then actions can. The holy bible in 1ST Timothy 4:8-14 speaks of leading in character and speech. Being a brother’s keeper not killer or destroyer. Not a parent who leads a child to err and corrects in exasperation.

No correction can be effective unless it gives an alternative action from the error done. We fail in exams because there is another supposed answer and if we do not learn it the teacher gives and explains. It is qualifying and quantifying. If you dig a pit then you fall in it. Be a doctor who digs out a growth and grafts the wound. This is the proper correction as the opening you leave and do not fill when you uproot a wrong if not replaced grows another harm; either of grudge, hatred, depression and many dangers that affect both the wrong doer and the wronged. You cannot cut a branch while sitting on it. An elephants shit requires to cool for you to step on. We need love to correct others. Wisdom is key as the door swings both ways. All people can change, we only need a chance to learn. We are all worthy correction.