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No longer democratic.

Drums are beating all over.  Many tones but no proper tune or beat. No dance is a good choice for any of the rhythms. No, not for Kenyan politics neither for the said ‘democracy’. No truth no truce neither reality. The objective of a drum player is the sweetness of his tunes that brings dancers to the floor. Everyone dives in with their arts; and the dance floor is full of vigor and joy. Read More


In simple language this is the inner man speech relevant to the placement of a situation. Most of us are afraid of our mornings and ignorant of our days, others afraid of nights and worried about darkness, Most of us yet are cornered within depressions. FEAR ISN’T GOOD. Read More


Fools tire, and retire annually.

It is the begin of all missions to fulfill a dream that counting the cost is required. ‘Happy are they who dream dreams and are ready to pay the cost to achieve them. ‘This was said by the late Geoffrey William Griffin founder director Starehe Boys’ Centre and school.  As porridge is made of flour then mine saying is that the cost of success is the input of discipline enhanced at the beginning of the process.  The final result is determined by how good one counted the cost in terms of potential time, resources, skills, gains and losses. Read More



Never play with the skunk tail…..

Why do we whisk whips, yell curses, spit on people’s faces? We call names yet we cannot prohibit or correct, brand people titles; yet we are unable to solve their problems. Why always tell me your problem is one, yet I give ear to learn it; and then you read a list. Why again blame a dog for a cats bite and a dogs bite to a cat. It is because we in correctable, and thus the reason why we cannot correct others. Read More


Feuding in life is a decision on the minds of those who better no better; Bitter biters of tongue and swallowers of saliva. Bitter roots when chewed; the taste will last a decade.

These people who are so grudging quarrel the suns scorch and they woke up late. They blame the wind but stay on its way. They blame pain and intentionally cut their skin. They ignore chances and want to be part of the dance. It is good to love yourself but not so much. Some blame people for mud and they fell skidding in it for fun. Blame on their grip; growth is a must and maturity is a choice. Some will ask for fermented milk and curse complaining it went sour….. Read More


On top of every hill there is some cool breeze. On the leeward side some moisture will deposit. On the windward side rains will be forming. Oh that clouds are gathering, birds flying their way to their nests, all visible creatures seeking some shelters; leaving the trees alone in the dance field to welcome the showers. We the visited come only to see the steps of the leaving visitor, and only the prepared will embrace her falling gifts. Read More


Quality and quantity are products of passion.

The quality of a quantity is the drives that influence one to do something. We look at different things in life in accordance to time. The validity of something and its measure of value is different from season to season and for specific reasons. Read More